What is Gift a Child?

GiftGift A Child is an effort undertaken by a team of two individuals. Our dream is to bridge the gap between donors and orphan children. Our intention is to send birthday presents to the children of a non-government charitable organisation called Snehalaya in New Delhi, India. Since the beginning of the project we have been able to deliver birthday presents to about two kids every month.

To further promote our cause, we have recently started this website - giftachild.com. We hope to invite more donors and bring transparency in the system by providing more information about the kids, the work that we are doing and the organizations we are working with.

We post the details of the birthday kids every month. If you share your birthday month with these kids, you can choose to send a birthday present to one or more kids of that month. We strongly encourage the donors to gift in kind than in cash. The gifts can be anything of your choice, from as simple as a book or a pen to a cake or a dress. We will help deliver your presents to these little angels and bring back their good wishes for you.

Though at the moment we are working only with Snehalaya, in the near future we plan to touch the lives of other unfortunate children as well. We hope to receive as much support as possible in this humble and noble endeavour.

You can Contact us at mygiftachild@gmail.com or keep track at our BlogSite.

Gift A Child.